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Summer Art Club – Week 2

Some of the highlights of the second Summer Art Club week at West barns Studios. We spent a morning making quick studies of a selection of guitars and the following day they were made into these striking collages.

Charcoal and mono printed Self Portraits

These were made during the Summer Art Club, too. The children were aged 6 -12 and they all produced great works.


Artists Books (With Haiku)

The children wrote a Haiku based on their experiences of the East Lothian beaches and then used watercolour to make their very own Artists Book.
My favourite one was Lia’s. Strictly speaking it wasn’t a Haiku, but it was very beautiful.

The seagulls are eating fish.
A North wind blows on the sea as the sun sets.
Then no sound as the moon rises. No nothing.

April Art Club at West Barns Studios

This week long morning art club was subsidised by the Dunbar Arts Trust making it really affordable. Here are some of the drawings of the children’s pets.

Wall Drawings

A project looking at Sol LeWitt.┬áThe ‘wall’ drawings were created by following a set of instructions. Using the scale figures made the drawings look one hundred times bigger. This project tied in with ‘Together We Count’, a town-wide maths promotion initiative.