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Summer Art Club – Week 2

Some of the highlights of the second Summer Art Club week at West barns Studios. We spent a morning making quick studies of a selection of guitars and the following day they were made into these striking collages.

Artists Books (With Haiku)

The children wrote a Haiku based on their experiences of the East Lothian beaches and then used watercolour to make their very own Artists Book.
My favourite one was Lia’s. Strictly speaking it wasn’t a Haiku, but it was very beautiful.

The seagulls are eating fish.
A North wind blows on the sea as the sun sets.
Then no sound as the moon rises. No nothing.

Wonder Rooms at the Peter Potter Gallery

It has been great fun at the Peter Potter Gallery in Haddington these past few weeks doing drop in workshops on Friday and Saturday afternoons as part of their Wonder Rooms project. From Fantastical Minibeasts to Geological Wonders, children and adults have made some great things, worthy of a place in any Cabinet of Curiosity. And thanks to the gallery’s education programme, it is all free for those who want to have a go. We’ll post more pictures later. Everyone loved making labels with the typewriter!

Monster in the Bedroom

These rooms were made by the P6 Art Club. The children created these Blue Peter inspired rooms and had to think up an accompanying story. They printed the wallpaper, sewed the duvet sets, modelled the monsters, wrote a page of their story and built everything else. They loved this project!