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A Streak of Tigers

These were the first thing we started to make at the Summer Art Club ’14 at West Barns Studios. I had seen a picture of these and thought they’d be a great way of introducing the idea of working in 3d to the children. They loved making them and were very proud of their work.

Summer Art Club – Week 2

Some of the highlights of the second Summer Art Club week at West barns Studios. We spent a morning making quick studies of a selection of guitars and the following day they were made into these striking collages.

Paper Guitars

This project was a bit tricky, as some of the children were as young as seven, but they all managed to make brilliant works after looking at Picasso’s paper guitar sculpture.

Still Life Painted Paper Cut Outs

Based on a Matisse still life paper cut out, the children produced these lovely, cheerful works in a few hours last week.

Charcoal and mono printed Self Portraits

These were made during the Summer Art Club, too. The children were aged 6 -12 and they all produced great works.