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Donald Where’s Yer Troosers

IMG_4665 (1)

Here’s a film made with a P6 class in May 2016. We needed to fill an hour in class, so the children illustrated one line of Andy Stewart’s brilliant song each using pencil.
Watch it on vimeo here: Donald Where’s Yer Troosers

A Billboard for Dunbar

These Billboards for Dunbar were made during a workshop that was part of the Dunbar Street Art Trail event, April 2015

Christmas Lights

These 35mm slides were made after watching some Norman MacLaren films (Dots, 1940 and Begone Dull Care, 1949). We made them into a video with Charlie Parker’s version of White Christmas as  the soundtrack.

A Streak of Tigers

These were the first thing we started to make at the Summer Art Club ’14 at West Barns Studios. I had seen a picture of these and thought they’d be a great way of introducing the idea of working in 3d to the children. They loved making them and were very proud of their work.